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Multispectral imaging identification and sorting automation equipment project successfully signed "qiaomengyuan

2021-03-24 15:46:36

In order to implement the innovation driven strategy, attract high-level overseas Chinese talents to return home for entrepreneurship and innovation, and boost industrial upgrading, on January 16, the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council launched the innovation action for overseas Chinese and the unveiling activity of "overseas Chinese Dream Garden" in Jiangsu (Nanjing) was held in Nanjing. More than 500 overseas Chinese businessmen from home and abroad gathered in our city to help overseas Chinese innovate. Qiu Yuanping, director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and Wang Xiaoping, deputy director; Zhang Yan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress; Zhang Lei, deputy governor; Wang Hua, director of the Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; Chu Yonghong, deputy mayor; and Zhu Xiaoyu, director of the Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, attended the unveiling.

"Overseas Chinese Dream Garden" is the brand of overseas Chinese business industrial cluster and overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship cluster built by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office in recent years. It is a major measure to give full play to the advantages of overseas Chinese Affairs, serve the national innovation and development strategy, and an important platform and carrier for the implementation of "overseas Chinese innovation action".

Wang Xiaoping and Zhang Lei jointly unveiled the "overseas Chinese Dream Garden" in Jiangsu (Nanjing), and held the signing of eight projects of "overseas Chinese Dream Garden" in Jiangsu (Nanjing). After the unveiling ceremony, the guests went to Jiangsu (Nanjing) "qiaomengyuan" for on-the-spot investigation.

Nanjing Edinburgh Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s "multispectral imaging identification sorting automation equipment project" was successfully selected into eight projects and signed a contract.