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Leaders from the Management Committee of Gaoxin Park and Nanjing Institute of technology came to our company for investigation and exchange

2021-03-24 15:49:11

Onthe afternoon of December 23, 2015, the leaders of Nanjing Institute oftechnology, accompanied by the leaders of Nanjing Jiangning Districthigh tech Park Management Committee, visited Edinburgh and discussedcooperation issues

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Dr. Wang Shanzhong presided over the forum. At the forum, chairman Huang Shengdi briefly introduced the current situation and development prospects of wavelength parent company. Then Dr. Wang Shanzhong introduced the situation of Edinburgh company and the planning for its later development in detail. Then accompanied the guests to visit the factory and exhibition hall, more intuitive to let the guests understand the company culture and products of Edinburgh.

After the two sides returned to the meeting room again, the discussion and exchange became more heated. The leaders of Nanjing Institute of technology introduced the general situation of the school, and the leaders of the Management Committee of the high tech Park put forward the talent training plan of "mass innovation space". The two sides reached a consensus on cooperation in personnel training, business incubation, scientific research cooperation and joint patent application. Leaders of Nanjing Institute of engineering also warmly welcome to visit their universities. Good projects are brought into the campus, and both sides can cooperate to achieve win-win results.

Through this on-the-spot visit to the company, the leaders of the Management Committee of the high tech Zone said that the goal of building a bridge platform between universities and enterprises has been achieved, and they hope that the company can cooperate more closely and substantively with universities on the road of becoming bigger and stronger in scientific research.