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The wavelength of shares (831518) under the Edinburgh science and technology limited company has the technical team to Dr. led, with its strong technical innovation ability as the company's fundamental research and development, research and development and sales of intelligent high-tech products as the core, in order to solve the technical problem of customers responsibility. We will try our best to provide high-tech products and technical solutions that can bring benefits to customers.

Nanjing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Edinburgh firmly take the independent innovation of product development ideas, all products have independent intellectual property rights, the courage to become the industry's new technology, new product development leader.

Nanjing Edinburgh Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. light mechanical and electrical and software based on the technology of the development of intelligent and unique features of a certain market size of optical components and systems that meet the industrial, agricultural and commercial, mining, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, tobacco processing, logistics, anti-terrorism, military, security monitoring, and solar energy fire protection, renewable resources and services of the intelligent demand, customers improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce cost, and reduce the labor intensity of people, to provide people with the quality of work, quality of life, make our life and work more relaxed, comfortable and beautiful.

Edinburgh Technology(Asia Pacific)Pte.Ltd.

●Information research, strategic decision - - global business direction
●Study on - - Frontier conceptual knowledge and new technology
●The proof of concept, setting - - advanced engineering technology and equipment R & D, design
●L - overseas market business and technical support

Edinburgh (Nanjing) Opto-Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd. 
●Information research, strategic decision - - China area market
●Landing - - new technology transfer to overseas, China engineering ability
●L - R & D, production and sales of industrial products patent 4
●L - enterprise to provide tailored technical solutions for the transformation and upgrading of equipment and industrial 4

Become leader in Opto-electronic SMART equipment industry through continuous innovations

Provide unique technology solutions to SMART manufacturing

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