Dr. Wang Shanzhong:

Dr., technical leader, general manager, co-founder of the company; Nanjing wavelength photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc CTO, director of the science and Technology Committee; Jiangning District of Nanjing city and Nanjing poly talent "," 321 talents, management talents in Jiangsu province "". With decades of experience in technical research and product development, a total of 120 patents at home and abroad, domestic and international core journals.

Once served:

Laboratory of optical materials and devices, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Director of Temasek Polytechnic, Temasek Microelectronics Research Center (tenure)

American Standard & Poor's, special consultant

Italian semiconductor (ST) Asia Pacific headquarters, R & D director and chief scientist (tenured)

Director, Centre for research, the Ministry of education, Singapore

Learning experience:

Singapore - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliance (NTU), researcher;

Singapore - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliance (NTU), postdoctoral

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics

Anhui Institute of Optics and fine mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Example of honor:

Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of sciences;

President of the Chinese Academy of sciences.

Examples of achievement:

Participated in the development of the first set of laser dual beam nano particle production equipment, to participate in the preparation of the first domestic production of nano materials. Mass production of nano materials, was the only domestic nano materials products, accounting for almost 100% of the market share. Has been two times by CCTV "news network" report.

Participate in the development of the first generation of infrared focal plane detector technology, involved in the production of the domestic only infrared focal plane security products, development and production of various national satellite, Shenzhou spacecraft, spacecraft, lunar exploration program, each type of missile. For the only production of high-end infrared focal plane products.

Led the development of the communication with diluted nitrogen laser and detector, modulation rate of more than 10GHz, developed 10GHz Tx and Rx module, the best level in the same industry.

Lead the development of the silicon based CMOS imaging chip development and mass production, so that enterprises in the mobile phone cameras, digital cameras, surveillance cameras, machine vision market ahead. Leading the development of UV laser based sapphire substrate stripping equipment, pioneered the development of laser induced etching technology, the successful preparation of GaN based high brightness LED chips were prepared, and the earliest developed GaN based optical communication devices LED and GaN based LED array display technology.