The technical team consists of 4 doctors, 6 masters and 8 senior technicians.

Basic technology: laser technology, spectroscopy technology, lighting technology, photoelectric sensing technology, electronic technology, imaging technology, software technology, applied mathematics;

Core technology: sensing technology of multi spectral imaging; can be divided into material identification, surface appearance quality detection, size detection, angle detection, human / mobile source identification, tracking, monitoring, performance testing and other optical elements.

Based on advanced opto mechatronics and software technology, research and development and production sales:

A variety of intelligent process control, quality inspection and sorting equipment

A variety of intelligent materials and material sorting device

Intelligent automation equipment - all

The machine vision lens, lens and industrial application of machine vision system

- according to the specific needs of customers, to provide technical services and customized solutions

(1) technical advisory services;

(2) technical feasibility demonstration;

(3) technical solutions services;

(4) outsourcing design of optical, mechanical, electrical and computer;

(5) project outsourcing.