Compact MTF measuring instrument

Compact MTF measuring instrument

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  • Model: Finite conjugate systems: NIR- (750-1000nm)

Compact MTF measuring instrument


Wide range of applications, high performance camera lens, mobile phone lens, micro lens, plastic lens, etc.

Product features:

horizontal structure

Modular software, easy to use

Wide application, wide angle test

Compact structure, small footprint

Measurement accuracy can be traced back to international standards

Can set user permissions to facilitate production management

Output results directly in the form of reports

Technical specifications:

Spectral range:

Infinite finite conjugate system: VIS- (400-750nm)

Finite conjugate systems: NIR- (750-1000nm)

Sample focal length range: 1-100mm (expandable to 150mm)

Viewing angle: + 130

EFL measurement accuracy: + 0.2%

EFL measurement repeatability: 0.1

MTF measurement accuracy: + 003MTF (axis / off-axis)

MTF measurement repeatability: + 0.01MTF

Maximum pass diameter: 45mm

Spatial frequency: 0-1000lp/mm

Sample weight: 2kg

Measuring azimuth: 360 degrees

Measurement mode: automatic or manual