Laser Calorimetry System

Laser Calorimetry System

Six generation of four core I5 2G only display a new 23 inch narrow frame

  • Model: MatCaloreTM is the world’s first commercial

MatCaloreTM is the world’s first commercial absorption measurement system for optical components characterization. Customizable for lens, mirrors and windows, it is the cost effective solution to grade your optical components quality.

The system is fully automated, customizable to 1um and/or 10.6um calorimetric measurement to determine the total (surface and bulk) absorption coefficient of relatively thin samples (2 mm-9 mm). It is operational in transmission and 0/45° reflection mode.

The system now boast industry 4.0 capability, inte-grating system data as a feedback to determine the health of the components in the system. This technol-ogy ensures maximal functionality for absorption measurement throughout the day.


Basic parameters

Brand Lenovo/ Association

Model AIO 510-23 series

Graphics card interface other /other

Video card type independent development card

Operating system WIN10


Memory capacity 4GB

Hard disk capacity 1TB

The memory capacity of 2GB GDDR5


The screen size is 23 inches

Display type LED

Non touch screen for touch screen

Other attributes

Suitable brand Intel/ Intel

Memory type DDR4 2133

Hard disk interface SATA

7200 rotation of hard disk speed

No CD-ROM drive type

After-sale service in China

Desktop type video and audio entertainment